The North Kigezi Family Empowerment project works with vulnerable families across the wider Rukungiri area in western Uganda.

Empowerment is key and the main aim of this project is to offer strategies to help families in difficulty create a sustainable way of living, allowing them to support themselves.

By devoting time and resources, and giving advice through dedicated social workers, we’re hoping that vulnerable families in the area can find a way to turn things around for themselves and be able to afford to send their children to school.

This is not always possible because circumstances sometimes make it difficult, but we want to give families the best possible chance to try and change things.

Savings groups

The savings groups bring together the families who save together and give each other support. Backed by the social workers, they meet monthly, to save what little they have. This allows families to borrow for small income generating schemes and acts as a safety net in emergencies.

Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love are gifts that help families get on their feet. These can be farm tools and seed to plant , small water tanks to collect rainwater, or small livestock such as pigs, goats or chickens. Social workers offer help and advice to families about how to generate income or start small businesses. ‘Gifts of Love’ are used as part of all our family empowerment schemes.

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The North Kigezi Family Empowerment Project, Uganda

Working with the North Kigezi Diocese in the wider Rukungiri area and beyond, to empower desperately poor families.

New Savings Groups

What a blessing … a partnership that has brought a smile on the faces of poor families, turning impossible to possible”. 

-Community member

Community savings group
Crops growing well
The Social Workers

Monthly Prayers


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