At the heart of our School Scholarship and Family Empowerment Scheme is giving a child the opportunity to have a good education, whilst empowering their family or guardian to create a more sustainable way of living, allowing them to support themselves.

Children come from very poor families where home life is difficult. Some families may not be able to provide their children with regular meals, adequate clothing, or a comfortable place to sleep. Without help, children would never have the opportunity to go to school.

Scholarship children attend St Paul’s Community Primary School in Rukungiri. They are equipped with books and resources, uniform and shoes, and regular school meals (a huge mug of porridge at break time, and a hot meal of beans and vegetables). For some these could be their only meals of the day.

Life skills, such as how to plant and harvest crops, supplement the curriculum along with many extra-curricular activities, to provide a good foundation for life in Uganda.

While the children are at school, the social workers work alongside the families encouraging them to save, set up small income generating projects and build up their resources, which makes life more sustainable. In most cases, by the time children graduate from primary school families are able to generate enough money to see their children through senior school. But of course, it takes time!

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This is a wonderful way to invest in the life of a child and their family, giving children a good start in life, and helping vulnerable families to get on their feet, support themselves and move forwards towards a more sustainable way of life.

Families on the project generally live in very difficult circumstances, often with no land or means of making an income. These can include widow headed households, the elderly and large families. Working with the social workers, together with the savings groups and the Gifts of Love scheme, the aim is to assist families to start small projects, allowing them to earn some income, with a view to improving their lives.

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Savings groups

The savings groups bring together the families who save together and give each other support. Backed by the social workers, they meet monthly, to save what little they have. This allows families to borrow for small income generating schemes and acts as a safety net in emergencies.

Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love are gifts that help families get on their feet. These can be farm tools and seed to plant , small water tanks to collect rainwater, or small livestock such as pigs, goats or chickens. Social workers offer help and advice to families about how to generate income or start small businesses. ‘Gifts of Love’ are used as part of all our family empowerment schemes.

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