The last year has been difficult for many, as the Coronavirus has swept across the whole world. Ethiopia has been no exception!

In Ethiopia, there is a lack of awareness among much of the rural population about prevention and a shortage of suitable PPE in many clinics and hospitals. Many people are also struggling to earn an income because of the pandemic, making it difficult to feed their families.

CPA has a long involvement with the people and communities in the Rasa Goba area of Ethiopia. 20 years ago, we linked up with Tear Fund and helped to provide a large water reservoir providing clean water to the local area. A few years ago, we responded to a famine to children in local schools in the area and provided emergency food supplies. We now want to take action to stand with the same community in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Rasa Goba area has seven villages and a total population in excess of 10,000 people. There are three clinics and one hospital in the area, which do not have proper equipment or PPE at the moment. Our partner Beletew, has been working with the regional government and health authorities to decide how best we can respond to this situation.

The agreed plan!

  • To equip and train Health Centre staff and District Administrators so they can advise community members, as they come into contact with them.
  • To inform local people of the dangers of Covid-19 and preventative measures that can be taken to limit the spread. To engage and train young people to travel throughout the communities with banners and loudspeakers, communicating the need for hand washing, social distancing and use of face masks. To provide face masks, soap and sanitiser to community members who are present at the training.
  • To provide PPE equipment to clinical staff at the hospital and three health clinics, including full clinical gowns, face shields, gloves etc
  • To provide emergency food parcels for old or disabled members of the community.

We are committed to standing with the people and communities in the Rasa Goba area. If you would like to get involved and support the project, we would be so grateful.

To help you work out what a donation can buy, here’s a short list that might help.

Emergency food parcel for a family (to last 4 – 6 weeks). £40
Packet of 100 gloves £2
Packet of 50 masks £10
Face shield £10
Clinical gown £53
Blood pressure monitor £32
Infra-red thermometer £85

We know that any help we give is a drop in the ocean. Our help might only be a small intervention, but it can be the difference between life and death for those it touches.

The overall cost of this project is £10,000

If you would like to give, please follow this link to our giving page:

 Thank you!

Sefi Beret, Ethiopia

Sefi Beret is one of the first places that CPA visited back in 1997. Our partners in Sefi Beret, who come from a rural, farming community, always make us feel so welcome whenever we visit them.

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