Registering a complaint

We hope you will not have cause to complain, but should the need arise for any reason, the directors at CPA promise to deal with all complaints received about any aspect of the charity’s activities openly and honestly and maintaining confidentiality and impartiality at all times.

Complaints may be registered using the form below.

Our commitment to you is to:

  1. acknowledge your complaint+ within 5 working days of its receipt, outlining the steps we will be taking;
  2. investigate thoroughly and seek to fully understand your complaint and its root causes;
  3. respond by openly sharing findings from any investigations (not including any personal data, in keeping with GDPR), in a timely manner;
  4. provide support and guidance throughout the process, where requested, in a non-prejudicial or partisan manner;
  5. notify the relevant authorities and agencies promptly if further action is required, or where required by UK law, and
  6. embed any relevant lessons learned within our policies and procedures, where we think this will help us to improve.

Complaints Form

I am happy for the directors to contact me by...(required)

If you would like to make a complaint via post, please ensure you include all the information from the form above, and post to: CPA, COMPLAINTS, The Bothy, Waterwheel Lane, Branston, Lincoln, LN4 1LU.

+ Valid complaints are those received within 6-months of the event or circumstances leading to the complaint, and which are attributable to a named, living individual or a registered and active organisation. Where the complaint concerns a potential or actual breech of UK regulations or the law, there is no such time limit.

++ We will only use your personal data to contact you concerning this complaint and any subsequent findings.  We will not share your personal data with any third parties, without your prior consent or unless required to do so by UK law.  For full details see our privacy policy.

 The Directors CPA