CPA is a Lincoln based charity that has worked with African partners for over 20 years, supporting and encouraging children and young people in poverty, and poor communities in Africa. We are a group of people who came together through a common desire to help the poorest of the poor in Africa… somehow! Check out our profiles to find out more about us.

Read on to see how the story unfolds…


group-of-kch-children-2So much has happened over the last 21 years and we’re still going strong; we have been privileged to meet, support and work alongside many people, who have found themselves in desperate circumstances.

Several of our projects are based around children and education.

At Komamboga Children’s Home, a home for abandoned and orphaned children in Uganda, we have tried to create a thriving family atmosphere in which children can feel safe and part of the family. The children attend local schools and are supported through vocational training or University if appropriate. Although they eventually leave to make a life for themselves, they are encouraged to always feel part of the family.

Our scholarship scheme at St Paul’s School aims to provide children in poverty with a broad education. This provides a good foundation, sees children fulfil their potential and acts as a springboard into further education and working life.

In Ethiopia, we work with communities on projects including clean water, education and seed for planting. We aim to stand alongside communities, sharing in their ideas and vision for the future, providing support and advice where necessary and ensuring that the process of development and change belongs to the people.

In Uganda, we work with Five Talents by providing marginalised people with the tools they need to break the poverty cycle that prevents them from flourishing. This comes in the form of training and support for local self-help groups and community led savings groups.


Over the years, we have worked in a number of African countries doing all kinds of jobs and roles. At present we are working with partners in Uganda and Ethiopia. We also support Kathryn, who works in Malawi. Our UK office is based in the City of Lincoln.

If you visit our Projects page you can read all about our work over the last 21 years.


Our projects include all members of society, regardless of background and religious beliefs.

Strong relationships are our top priority in all our partnerships and have always been integral to the way we work. Relationships allow us to work closely with our African partners to motivate and enable people and communities to help themselves, which is always essential for positive change. Where possible, we work towards projects becoming self-sustaining and communities becoming self-supporting.

We have a strong safeguarding policy and work with our partners to ensure that the children, young people and adults involved in our projects feel valued, respected and safe. At St Paul’s School in Uganda, the safeguarding team are often called upon to give training in other schools in the area.

Our strap line “Love People Love Life” sums us up. Read the ‘People Poem‘ to find out more about our approach.

We raise our support through sponsorship, private donations, fundraising and Trusts.


We’re always on the lookout for help!

You can help CPA in so many ways. If you are interested in what we do and would simply like to learn more or meet up for a chat, email us or give us a ring.

If you would like to organise an event to raise money for one of our projects, we can provide sponsor forms, flyers and posters for your event, so do get in touch or visit our resources page. If you want to make your fundraising even easier, you can find us on Give.Net.

Perhaps you would like to support a project, a child, or a young person through financial giving? Why not take a look at our Giving Page to help you decide where you can help.

We’d love to get to know you, so do get in touch!

Strong relationships are integral to the way we work

Relationships allow us to work closely with our African partners to motivate and enable people and communities to help themselves.