Why not choose a challenge?

Get active outdoors

Trekking, sky diving, and climbing Kilimanjaro are just a few of the challenges you can do with Charity Challenge. There are sponsored events in the UK and abroad to suit everyone.

If you would like to download a Sponsor Form please click here.

Fun with friends

Get some friends together and raise some cash! Here are just a few things you could do…

  • Games night
  • Girls night in
  • Coffee and cake
  • Watch the match with mates
  • Strawberries and cream

Smarties appeal

This fundraiser is ideal for schools and youth groups. All you have to do is get a load of smarties tubes, eat them and fill the empty tubes with as many coins as you can (20p, 10p, 5p).

Contact us for more information.

Donate your old, or scrap car!

CPA is a registered charity of Giveacar, a not-for-profit social enterprise that raises money for charity by accepting donations of old cars.

If you have an old car you’d like to get rid of, take a look at www.giveacar.co.uk.

Getting married?

Why not add Gifts of Love to your wedding gift list? So guests can buy you that dinner set and a gift which directly benefits an orphaned or abandoned child in Uganda.

We’ll set up a unique page on our website for your guests to purchase the gifts from, and we’ll send you a list of who’s bought what.

Please contact the office to find out more.

Give whilst you shop

If you make purchases online, you can raise money for CPA at the same time without it costing you a penny extra!

Just sign up at easyfundraising and make CPA your designated charity. Follow the instructions to start raising money every time you shop.

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