The Komamboga Children, originally from the Komamboga Children’s Home, have been successfully placed with new families. Placements have all been made with full government approval and the children are now happy and settled.

For some children it has been possible to trace members from their wider family; for others, suitable permanent foster families have been found. An exciting development has been that some of the previous Komamboga children who are now adults, have provided permanent foster families for some of the younger children.

The project is headed up by Julius, the former director of the Children’s home who oversaw the Home for many years and knows all the children well. He brings many years of expertise, experience and a desire to see the best possible outcomes for the children.

Working with the children and their families, Julius regularly visits them to ensure that both children and family members are happy, giving additional support where needed. He is also committed to finding the best, most appropriate, school for each child. CPA continues to pay school fees until children complete their education.

Friends of Komamboga

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This is an opportunity to support the Komamboga children in their new families and it’s a real chance to share in the care and development of children who have had a difficult start in life.
CPA needs funds to support the children as they grow up; to ensure that they have the best chance of thriving in a loving family, and to see them complete their education.

Friends of Komamboga make a monthly donation of their choice and as ‘a friend’ you will receive updates and hear what’s going on with the Komamboga children. We will also keep you informed about what CPA is doing in partnership with the team on the ground in Uganda.

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Letter from Julius:

24th February 2023

Dear Friends of Komamboga children.

Lots of love and warm greetings from Uganda!

God has been good to the ministry and the children and care givers in our project.

The children went through last year well and they continue to make good progress in their studies and development. They have reported to school for the first term, and we continue to follow them up at school through visits and phone calls to ensure that they are safe and are learning well.

We are very grateful to you for your great support to the well-being of the Komamboga Children and the project activities. This has enabled good progress in the children’s learning and total development and made the project work move on smoothly.

Our children are at different levels of study and learning. We have those who are studying in higher institutions of learning on vocational courses, some are in secondary school with a dual curriculum, others are in primary and nursery schools.

The children, staff, families, and the board of directors are very grateful for the impact that your support is making on the growth, intellectual, and general wellbeing of the children, and they send to you their sincere appreciation and warm greetings.

We thank you so much, and wish you many blessings from God.

Lots of love and blessings in Christ,

Julius Ananura


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Komamboga Children, Uganda

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