We recognise that providing a safe environment is vital for the well-being of our children. Komamboga Children’s Home employs a security guard who is responsible for protecting both the children and the property.

Over recent years cases of child abductions have increased in and around Kampala. As the facilities have improved at The Home, the temptation for theft has increased. These factors have made it imperative that we increase security.

We have put measures of security in place; from securing the perimeters, to ensuring all visitors register their presence. Your support will provide a vital contribution to the safety of the children.

Supporters can choose how much to give, any amount makes a huge difference in the lives of the children.

As a supporter of the Home Security Project you will receive project updates, newsletters and photos. You will hear about what’s going on at Komamboga Children’s Home, and what CPA is doing in partnership with the team on the ground in Uganda.

Want to support Home Security at Komamboga?

If you would like to support Home Security, please download the standing order form, fill in and return to the office.