CPA Praying Together – March 2022

Thank you for joining with us. Please feel free to pass onto friends.

Please use this opening prayer for both yourselves and our African friends.

Holy Lord, everything we need is found in you.
For those of us who come here feeling broken, bring restoration.
For those of us who come here feeling weak, bring strength.
For those who come here weeping, bring joy.
For those of us who come here with doubts, bring faith.
For those who come here feeling shame, bring freedom.
For those of us who come here feeling burdened, bring rest.
For those of us who come here feeling anxious, bring peace.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

We are aware that so much is going on in our world, and much of it is painful to hear.

Here at CPA, we believe giving thanks to God and recognising his ultimate love for all, is a good foundation in establishing our times of prayer.


  • Let us once again give thanks that the schools have re-opened after such a long time. All the reports we have are that the children are overjoyed to be back studying.
  • Please pray that the children and teachers will make up for what they have missed and that they would quickly re-adjust to their teaching/learning environment again.
  • Rosey was recently told by one of our Partners that they currently don’t know of anyone in their area with Covid-19. This is amazing, but let’s continue to pray for protection of the families, schools, and communities of Rukungiri and the whole North Kigezi area.
  • Let’s continue to pray for a demise of the pandemic in Uganda.
  • As always, Julius continues to work hard on behalf of the Komamboga children and their families. Please pray that he and his family will know the peace and presence of God.


  • Once again, we ask Father God to have mercy on the people suffering throughout Ethiopia. Regardless of ethnic background, we pray for peace. We ask for leaders who would help establish peace once again.
  • Please pray for Compassion International who are working with local churches to facilitate a relief effort. People are struggling with many things, with food security high on the list of priorities. Also lift our friend Beletew to the Lord as he finds ways to assist and facilitate help for the communities that are so close to his heart.
  • So much violence has been committed over the past months. Pray especially for the women and girls who have suffered physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Lord, please have mercy.
  • Please pray for us as we explore ways that CPA can be involved in helping the communities that we know, in a meaningful and time- critical way. There are both immediate and longer-term needs we are looking to support.
  • We are holding discussions with some friends about how to support some valuable work that is taking place amongst widows and orphans in western Ethiopia. Your prayers in how we best serve would be appreciated.

We are excited about the months ahead.  We desire to serve our African friends with Christ’s love and compassion.

We appreciate your part in making this happen.


Raymond and the team.