Chris Shelbourne


I set up CPA back in 1995 as a response to my first visit to Africa. Since that first visit, it has been a thrill and a challenge to be involved with African communities who are fighting for a better life for themselves and their families. There have been successes and difficulties along the way but the resilience and humanity (and sometimes inhumanity) of Africa never ceases to amaze.

I am fortunate to share this journey with my wife, Rosey and with other friends, without whom the work in Africa would be so much harder. I am also fortunate to have two (grown up) children who still seem to enjoy coming home from time to time.

Meanwhile I look forward to the day I can incorporate my love of Bob Dylan or the intricacies of Rugby Union into one of our projects; I’ve not managed it yet but keep trying.

When time permits I love walking in the hills or going to the theatre. Inbetween times I have learnt to always be thankful for a good meal and glass of (good) wine.

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