Moses Muhoozi

St Paul’s Community Primary School, Rukungiri, Uganda

By the grace of God I became a Christian in 1976 and have been able to serve God in many ways. Born into a poor family with 12 siblings, I struggled hard at my studies. I had no hope of becoming someone of value in the community. However, the grace of God is sufficient (Isaiah 49:3).

My late brother Rev. Canon Ephraim Gensi had an idea to start a school and we agreed to pray and wait for the Lord to respond. We believed education and Christian knowledge was the only solution for such a poor community with no hope for the future. In 2000, St Paul’s School started as a full primary school and so, with my late wife Lilian, my job role began.

It’s amazing how God acts; it was the same year when I met Chris and Rosey, CPA Directors, who came with good news that CPA would sponsor 20 children. Slowly the number of children increased to 150 sponsored today. CPA’s ‘Gifts of Love’ have also benefited the project children’s families with goats, pigs, mattresses, blankets, lamps and water tanks… to mention a few!

My role is to ensure that the mission of the school is achieved; I oversee the administration and supervision of school activities and with the teachers and Board of Directors, ensure the delivery of a high quality education programme. I also link with churches when recruiting disadvantaged children.

Project children have enjoyed a life which they never thought possible through the scholarship programme; the letters and gifts received helping wipe away emotional trauma. During my time, it has been pleasing to see children growing, disciplined and performing well from Nursery through to P7 graduation. Our pupils are not only academic giants at local and national level, but gain valued Christian knowledge, not forgetting life skills. This makes us a ‘beacon’ school.

I am thankful to God for his blessings upon us all and thank you for your prayers and support over the years. May the Lord’s name be glorified forever.


This post originally featured in The View – Winter 2017