St Paul’s School

Child sponsorship is an opportunity for you to support a child on the Scholarship Programme at St Paul’s School. Children on the Scholarship Programme are chosen from very poor families. Their home lives are difficult and some may not have regular meals, adequate clothing, or a comfortable place to sleep. Without help, they would never have the opportunity to go to school.

Just £20 per month will provide a child with a free scholarship.

Each child will be given school books & resources, uniform & shoes, and regular school meals (a huge mug of porridge and fresh bread rolls at morning break and a hot meal at lunchtime).

As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to write to your child. You will receive letters, photographs and updates. This is a wonderful way to learn more about your sponsored child and life in Uganda.

Want to sponsor a child at St. Paul’s?

If you would like to sponsor a child, please download the standing order form, fill in and return to the office.