2016 was a year of severe drought and food shortages for families in Ethiopia, we urgently need your help as we implement our Seed Distribution and Feeding Programme.

CPA and VWDO have formed an agreement to provide food for 770 children once a day at Sefi Beret primary school. The cost of this is just under £20k, or about £25 per child for the six months.

VWDO, working alongside the local government has identified 700 of the poorest households in Sefi Beret to receive seed, ensuring fields can be sown in time for the much hoped for rains. The seed required for one household is 20kg of Masho or Mung bean. One recipient farmer, Abere said, “Due to the erratic rainfall last year I lost all the seed. I had no hope but I prayed for God to provide me a seed and He did”.

Due to the urgency to provide seed CPA is funding this programme from its reserves, trusting that your generosity will help. £15 provides seed that will harvest enough for one household for 6 months. £25 provides food for one child and keeps them in school until June 2017. £110 feeds 770 children in school for one day. For more information about our work in Sefi Beret, click here.

Your help will save lives and bring hope to a desperate people.

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