Uganda’s rich soil has the potential to produce great fruit and vegetables but the price of food in the market is very high. Many families have to survive on what they can grow, or a limited diet, because they cannot afford market prices.

The aim of the project is to grow as much produce as possible, to enable the Home to be more self-sufficient. Each child has been given a small plot of land and they are learning the skills required to cultivate the land. Not only will they be involved in growing some of their own food but they will also be learning how to provide for themselves in the future.

Supporters can choose how much to give, any amount makes a huge difference in the lives of the children.

As a supporter of the Garden Project you will receive project updates, newsletters and photos. You will hear about what’s going on at the Home, and what CPA is doing in partnership with the team on the ground in Uganda.

Want to support the Garden Project at Komamboga?

If you would like to support the Garden Project, please download the standing order form, fill in and return to the office.