CPA Praying Together – September/October 2022Thank you for joining with us. Please feel free to pass on to friends.

Wherever you find yourself in the world, things are always on the move!  Some will be starting a new class or school, while others will be nearing the end of another academic year. Some will have harvested, if the rains arrived in season, while others will be sowing and hoping for fruitfulness in the months ahead. And depending on where you live in the world, you will be heading for colder or warmer days.

Holy Lord, everything we need is found in you.
For those of us who come here feeling broken, bring restoration.
For those of us who come here feeling weak, bring strength.
For those who come here weeping, bring joy.
For those of us who come here with doubts, bring faith.
For those who come here feeling shame, bring freedom.
For those of us who come here feeling burdened, bring rest.
For those of us who come here feeling anxious, bring peace.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Ethiopia is very much on our hearts and minds here at CPA.

  • Give thanks for the Afar girls who have successfully completed their first year at university and pray for them as they begin their second year. Pray also for the seven new girls who will start university this year.

Please also pray about the following situations, which continue to blight the people, the land, and the livestock of this wonderful country.

  • After a period of relative rest, fighting has again started in the north between Government forces and the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front). We pray in the precious name of Jesus that this again would cease and those in power would have a change of heart and begin to advocate for the poor in their communities.
  • Witnesses have reported deadly clashes in the Oromia region (central Ethiopia) between the Oromos and Amhara people groups. These are the two largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia, with tensions having simmered for many years.
  • Drought and famine are compounding misery in the Horn of Africa, of which Ethiopia is a part. It was with gratefulness we heard of a shipment of grain from Ukraine reaching Ethiopia.

The following prayer is “A prayer for East Africa’ from the Christian Aid website. It is powerful and reminds us that we are all neighbours.

Loving and compassionate God, 
When Famine stalks the land, nothing grows. 
Plants cannot, people cannot, ideas and dreams cannot  
everything withers and dies. 
It is a violent aberration of your will for the world 
and it is multiplied now 
by conflict, climate change and covid. 
God of the flourishing field, there is enough to feed us all. 
Call us to that sacred sharing  
neighbour to global neighbour  
Your gifts of food, water, 
a chance to live the life so delicately crafted 
by your divine spirit. 
We will not turn away but turn towards each other 
with generosity and a justice-driven compassion 
that searches for solutions. 
Famine stalks the land, so may our outrage grow, 
may our determination steel itself, 
may our solidarity spur us into action. 
God of the flourishing field, 
help us feed each other.’ 


  • It was with great joy that we were able to send out the school fees for the children as they returned to school, along with support for the families in Rukungiri. Many of the children are doing additional hours on a Saturday to catch up on lost time because of covid.
  • Please pray for the teachers and social workers who are assisting these young people in their education. Our last prayer update included a story of a young man’s journey through the education system on to a brighter future.
  • Please continue to pray for all the children and families involved in this programme, that as they benefit, they would share the benefits of their education and learning with others.
  • Give thanks for the safe birth of Esther’s baby and pray for Adeera as she gives birth to her first baby. (Our lovely social workers in Rukungiri)
  • The North Kigezi Community Empowerment project, which is a relatively new initiative, is already beginning to bear fruit. Please pray for the establishment of more community savings self-help groups. The aim is to assist families to start small projects, allowing them to earn some income, with a view to improving their lives and to help them get up on their feet. The groups are supported by the social workers, who give training and support.
  • Please pray for a good response to the Gifts of Love scheme as CPA launches new gifts this autumn. These gifts are given to needy families to help them with basic needs or start up small projects.

We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the people involved in making all these things happen. The project workers, social workers, staff both here in the UK and in Africa. We pray for good health for all, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

We appreciate and are thankful to everyone who takes the time to pray.

Raymond and the CPA team.