CPA Praying Together – November 2021

Please join us and feel free to pass on to friends.

Jehovah Shalom, Lord of Peace, we pray for those currently living in isolation and fear. May they know your presence in their isolation, your peace in their turmoil, and your patience in their waiting. Prince of Peace, you are powerful and merciful.

In these unprecedented times in which we are living, feel free to use this short update to help you pray for our friends in Africa.

I recently looked back at some of our old prayer updates to search for any changes that have taken place. As a result, I found some good news which we can be thankful for.

We give thanks for:

  • The girls from the Afar region of Ethiopia who have been able to attend University.
  • For a very kind donation which has allowed the purchase of computer equipment to assist in their education.
  • All who have given so generously of both time and finances this year.
  • A letter arrived from a previous St Paul’s sponsored student who got AAB at A level and has been offered a place to do medicine at university.
  • Beletew and his team, who sacrificially give their time and energy to help individuals, families and communities in the Rasa Goba and Afar regions of Ethiopia.
  • Julius, as he visits to assist the former children/young adults of Komamboga, who have made the transfer from the Children’s Home to living with relatives/guardians.
  • The team working in and around the North Kigezi Diocese in Uganda. Esther and her colleagues are currently contacting new families who may join savings and support groups.
  • The many UK supporters who have allowed the work of CPA to happen.
  • The way God has opened up so many opportunities to serve. This has taken the form of prayer, development of people using current social media platforms (great WIFI has helped), financial support and much more.
  • Above all we give thanks to God who has gifted us with the opportunity to serve.

Let us also remember those where the situation hasn’t changed or has got worse:

  • This week Ethiopia announced a state of emergency as the conflict there escalates. On 3rd November, CNN reported that there were troops allied against the central government, from the Tigre Defence Force (TDF) and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLR), on the outskirts of Addis, and the government was calling on its citizens to take up arms to defend the capital. We continue to pray for peace and for our friends in Addis and beyond. Lord have mercy.
  • There have also been reports of further violence which badly effects those already suffering.
  • Please pray that decisions made at the recent COP26 conference will mean something real and tangible for the people of Africa and that change would happen.
  • Covid-19 remains a major issue and concern for us all. Please pray for fairness in the distribution of the vaccine in the months to come.


May El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty, who loves us, protect us and our African friends.

 May Jesus Christ His Son, who died for us, save us.

May the Holy Spirit, who broods over the chaos and fills us with his presence, intercede for us, and in us for others at this time.


Thanks for praying with us.