CPA Praying Together – May 2021

Please join us and feel free to pass on to friends.

In these unprecedented times in which we are living, feel free to use this short update to help you pray for our friends in Africa.

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to put into words and know how to pray using ‘words’, especially when we are made aware of gravely concerning situations. Perhaps allow thoughtful silence to aid your prayers this month as we look at two current conflict arenas close to our hearts here at CPA.

Let us begin:

Jehovah Shalom, Lord of Peace, we pray for those currently living in isolation, with violence and fear. May they know your presence in their isolation, your peace in their turmoil, and your patience in their waiting. Prince of Peace, you are powerful and merciful.


Our friend and partner has made us aware of deeply disturbing racial and ethnic tensions in some Amhara regions of the country. He is in contact with many who have witnessed the killing of family members, the destruction of property and the loss of crops. From his own village, farmers have been killed, many of whom were his friends, and whole families are now living as refugees. Let us pray for four specific things:

  • A cessation of the violence and atrocities.
  • That God would bring peace and reconciliation.
  • People who will stand up and lead, that have compassion for those suffering.
  • Our friend and his family, as his heart breaks for those who have been affected.


Parts of the Gabo Delgado region in Northern Mozambique continue to be blighted with tensions and terror.

As a Christian organisation we are called to stand alongside the poor who are suffering. Although we cannot do this physically, we can stand alongside the many who are suffering in prayer. We can also support individuals, churches and organisations working and living there.

  • In your prayers, please remember those suffering losses of family, friends, home, livelihood, community, dignity and so much more. These individuals all have names. We may not know them, but God does.
  • Please pray for Pastors and others working with the distressed and homeless. Pray that they will be able to reflect God’s love and peace in practical ways.
  • Pray that God would bring peace to Mozambique.
  • We have friends who run Charis Ministries operating in Mozambique. Their friends support local pastors in the Cabo Delgado region, who are active in some of the refugee camps that have emerged because of the attacks in the region. Please pray for them.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world”. John 16:33

Thanks so much for joining with us.