Let us begin with a prayer for the continent of Africa
and the world in which we all live:

As we reflect on 2022 and embrace the New Year, let’s begin with a simple prayer that helps re-calibrate our perspective on the year ahead

Father God, we pray for our world today. We pray for peace and hope to abound. Many have been troubled by natural disasters, conflict, and the results of a global pandemic. In challenging times, help us turn to you as our source of strength and hope. Merciful Lord, we offer a prayer for your peace to be with all those who have suffered and continue to do so. Amen.

Prayers for the World Today – Compassion

This morning I was awakened by not one but two phone alarms, chirping loudly their individual tunes but at precisely the same time!  As I lay in the dark, hoping I’d hit ‘snooze’, I marvelled at the synchronicity of the two alarms, and reflected that throughout my village, Lincolnshire, and the UK, multiple devices would have sung out their individual reveille in discordant unison, yet all synchronised by the same time signal from one and the same source.

This is much like prayer; we pray our various prayers – different voices, languages, styles – and bring all manner of requests to one and the same God who orchestrates these diverse offered-up scraps to create a glorious harmonious symphony that achieves all His mysterious purposes.

Sometimes events and circumstances seem too complex and overwhelming, and we do not know how to pray. I am realising more and more that we pray not to change circumstances or fix things, but to be changed and drawn closer to a God who holds all things together.

This past year, many of CPA’s plans have had to be amended, some even abandoned in the light of global events. Making decisions has become harder as much of what beset the world in 2022 remains a growing challenge for 2023 – war, pandemic, climate change, and inevitable financial turmoil.

At times all CPA could do was respond to immediate, urgent basic needs: we are so grateful to all our supporters for their prayers and generous donations to all our appeals and give thanks for the many food parcels we were able to distribute in Uganda and more recently Ethiopia.

However, as our control on activity and events was curtailed, we were forced to be still and bring the many needs of our partners before Father in times of prayer.  It was at these times, that our individual thoughts and ideas were gradually set aside, and we began to find a common melody as we all looked to the one conductor.  God has made us all unique and He loves us as the individuals He has made us to be, but when we come together to seek Him, despite our doubts, fears and diverse understanding, He conducts the cacophony of our individual intentions, actions and visions into His beautiful harmonious symphony.

We do not know what 2023 holds for us as directors of CPA, for you our supporters and for our many partners in Africa, but we know we serve a God who holds all our hopes, dreams and lives in His loving hands and who is willing to lead and guide us if we will but heed his call to pray in faith, with thanksgiving, and leave the rest to Him.

So, the next time you are awakened by your alarm, remember to give thanks for His gift of a new day of His possibilities.  Oh, and remember to hit ‘Snooze’ too.


Please pray for –

  • Our three social workers in the North Kigezi diocese, Esther, Adeera and Nelson – that they will build strong community amongst the self-help/savings groups and the School Scholarship families at St Paul’s School, bringing joy, hope and empowerment to many.
  • For a suitable new worker to be appointed to join the North Kigezi team as the work in the area expands to include more families.
  • The Komamboga children and their families – giving thanks to God for them and asking Father to guard their hearts and minds and lead them into healthy communities and rewarding labours.
  • For our dear friend Julius that as he lovingly serves the children and their guardians, he would know Father’s peace and strength and that his family would be blessed in all things.


Please pray –

  • For peace in the country of Ethiopia.
  • For Belatew and his team as they work to bring hope to many communities.
  • For the Afar girls as they study at university, that they will be protected and do well.

CPA directors and the office team:

Please pray –

  • That we will make wise decisions as we face the many challenges of 2023; that relationships with our partners will deepen as we work and pray together; that we will bring the presence of Jesus into all our interactions with others and be a blessing.
  • For Rosey and Aimee as they work together from their home offices, keeping everything in order and communicating with our amazing partners and sponsors.