About once a year I like to look back at some of our old prayer letters and see what’s changed. Sometimes this means rejoicing over good news and answered prayer, other times it brings a sadness at not seeing the changes hoped for, in a world full of brokenness.

Easter is just around the corner and every year is celebrated around the world. This is very much a time to reflect on the selfless death of Christ, and his triumphant resurrection, which demonstrates his love for us all, and fills us with hope.

Let’s pray the following prayer knowing that the first line is so true.

Holy Lord, everything we need is found in you!

For those of us who come here feeling broken, bring restoration.

For those of us who come here feeling weak, bring strength.

For those who come here weeping, bring joy.

For those of us who come here with doubts, bring faith.

For those who come here feeling shame, bring freedom.

For those of us who come here feeling burdened, bring rest.

For those of us who come here feeling anxious, bring peace. 

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Perhaps allow thoughtful silence to aid your prayers this month as we look specifically at our work and partnerships in Uganda.


        • Join us in giving thanks for the opportunity we have in working alongside the North Kigezi Diocese in Uganda. Please pray for the newly appointed Bishop of North Kigezi, the Rev Onesmus Asiimwe. We pray he would continue to serve the people of this part of Uganda well. That his heart would be inclined to the very poor, serving them with the love of Jesus.
        • Pray for the team of social workers CPA works with who are currently serving the families and communities in North Kigezi. Their names are Nelson, Esther, Adeera, and our latest project worker Naomi. We are so grateful for the work they are doing and the great people they are.
        • We have the green light to expand the Family Empowerment Project, along with our team and partners in N.K.D. Please pray for the on-going logistics required to roll this out smoothly for the benefit of those families taking part.
        • Please pray for our good friend and partner Julius from Kampala. Those who follow CPA’s work will know he has been instrumental in making sure that the former children of the Komamboga Children’s Home have been cared for and given the best opportunity to succeed. He’s currently recovering from a bout of Malaria which has really set him back. We pray he would recover all his energy and be protected from further illness.
        • Because of the fantastic work he does, the office of the Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala City Council Authority (to give it its full title) have invited both Julius and CPA to partner in a new project working with the very poor in the City.

          Kampala like most Urban centres throughout Africa has seen a huge influx of people seeking a ‘better life’. Many are arriving from rural areas adding additional strain on stretched infrastructure and lack of opportunities. It is estimated that over 60% of Kampala’s population live in slum conditions, lacking clean water, sanitation and adequate shelter. This is leading to numerous problems including children ending up on the streets of Kampala who get involved in pick pocketing, drugs, prostitution, and early pregnancy, while their parents end up in crime, alcoholism and drug abuse.

        • It’s very early days but we would appreciate your prayer for wisdom on how to move forward. The need is huge, but a sustainable way forward will take strategic planning alongside all stakeholders involved. We look forward to sharing further news with you as this develops.

          May you have an opportunity this Easter to reflect on its true and full meaning and be blessed.

          In a world of increased tension and disparity, our hope is in Christ – that all things will be made right and just. Let us not give up on that hope, rejoicing with many, while at the same time through the power of prayer lifting those who are really struggling mentally, physically, emotionally, and economically.