CPA Praying Together – April 2021

Please join us and feel free to pass on to friends.

In these unprecedented times in which we are living, feel free to use this short update to help you pray for our friends in Africa.

Easter: a time in the Christian calendar worldwide where we reflect on the lowest moment, the betrayal and crucifixion of the Son of God, alongside the greatest moment, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and the moments in between, when we grapple with the silence. Wherever you find yourself, and our African friends find themselves, we come to a Father who is ultimately in control and hears our prayers.


Having received some news from our partner Beletew, your prayers would be appreciated for Belatew and his organisation (VWDO) as they work to bring hope to the following groups:

  • Girls’ boarding dormitory: This project contributes to girl’s education, promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women. We are thankful that some of the girls on this project have graduated and are employed in government sectors. Also, some of them will graduate this year. Please pray for these young women.
  • Kindergarten and school projects: CPA was involved with setting up a Kindergarten and a primary school many years ago. These now run independently. Please pray that these schools would continue to flourish and provide a good education for many children.
  • Sixth form education: Pray that all the young people who are educated here will be able to go on to have a promising future, especially the girls.

Please continue to remember the people and communities in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. As we reported last month, heinous atrocities have been carried out with many lives lost and people left homeless, without their basic needs being met. We continue to pray for Father God’s peace to invade the region.


  • We were delighted last Thursday when we had news that the vehicle purchase to assist our partners in North Kigezi had arrived. We praise God for the opportunity to facilitate this for our friends and partners. Please pray that the vehicle will assist Esther and the social workers to reach out further and more effectively to the poor in remote rural areas, and for their protection as they travel to remote areas.
  • We are grateful for improved communication with our partners in North Kigezi. Social media has allowed the CPA office to speak directly with the social workers which helps build deeper relationships and gives a better understanding on how we can serve the poorest in their communities
  • Please continue to lift Julius and his family in prayer. They have had their own family sadness due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but Julius continues to support the Komamboga children, their families and the young adults from the former Komamboga Children’s Home. We thank God for Julius’ fatherly oversight in wanting the absolute best for them.
  • Please continue to pray for the Komamboga children/young adults. Pray for their protection and their development and good appropriate schools for them all. Pray for their families and those who care for them. We pray that the children/young adults would also be motivated to help those around them.


Please continue to pray for those in the north of Mozambique affected by an insurgence of terrorists who are destroying families and communities by spreading fear and violence. We pray this would stop and peace and good governance would prevail.

Thanks so much for joining with us. Christ has risen! May you find peace in this Easter period.