CPA Praying Together 08.04.20

Please join us and feel free to pass on to friends

Jehovah Shalom, Lord of Peace, we pray for those currently living in isolation and fear. May they know your presence in their isolation, your peace in their turmoil, and your patience in their waiting. Prince of Peace, you are powerful and merciful.

In these unprecedented times in which we are living, feel free to use this short update to help you pray for our friends in Africa.

Received this week from our friend Beletew in Ethiopia.

“Dear Paul, I thank you so much for your concern that you show and prayer for us. Since last week our government announced to close all offices including NGO’s and we closed the head office and the whole projects like girls boarding, KG and even the disability centre because of that I was out of office. Also, Ethiopian government doesn’t allow to live in a group, and the government said the whole Universities were closed. The current information of the government, there are 29 people affected by coronavirus. Our PM predicted the next three weeks Ethiopia will face very bad situation even some private company like hotel owners and even the church buildings are dedicated to use as hospitals so when we see all these preparations, we are very scared.

Paul please let’s keep our communication and prayer and please passes my greeting to all my friends in UK. Let God protect all of us. Yours in Christ, Beletew M”

Some news from Uganda. Please continue to pray for wise and compassionate leadership.

“Stringent measures employed to stop spread of the coronavirus, means millions of people are out of jobs in the East Africa nation. They are vulnerable so much because they are taxi drivers, taxi conductors, Boda Boda men (motorcycle taxis) and women working in markets. So people here are very poor. They work hand to mouth every day”. Bwaise community leader.

Officials in Uganda have donated food to vulnerable people living in the metropolitan area of Kampala during the lockdown.

  • Please continue to pray for the Komamboga children and their families in lockdown in Kampala.
  • Please pray for the children, guardians, project workers and social workers in Rukungiri.

May El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty, who loves us, protect us and our African friends.

May Jesus Christ His Son, who died for us, save us.

May the Holy Spirit, who broods over the chaos and fills us with his presence, intercede for us and in us, for others at this time.


Thanks for praying with us