We are so grateful for all your support during the year. It’s been such a difficult time for everyone during the pandemic, including the communities in Africa we support. However, your generous giving has allowed us to continue to support them.

For families in Uganda who have really struggled, we have been able to provide additional help through food parcels and other items, such as seeds, tools and small livestock. For other families we can see a continuing improvement in their standard of living. The regular support they have received has encouraged them to join savings groups, which has allowed them to fund medical emergencies and start small businesses. None of this would have been possible without your help.

One of the blessings of your support is that it’s possible for the social workers to give the children a treat at Christmas. Something as simple as bottle of Fanta brings a smile and lets them know that people care about them.

Sadly, the situation in Ethiopia has been very difficult, with communities we know caught up in the fighting that is taking place there. Despite this, we have been thrilled to hear about the first cohort of girls from the Afar region, that we supported through school, passing their university entrance exams and being accepted into university. Whatever happens in the future, this is something that can never be taken away from them.

The Komamboga children, who now live with their new families, continue to thrive. Most have missed a lot of school because of the pandemic but are looking forward to starting back in January, when all the schools should reopen again. Over the past year they have learned all kinds of home skills, including cooking, washing, building, growing crops and looking after animals. Some have helped their families who run small shops and businesses. All of this has given them useful life skills and helped them to feel part of the family.

With love from the CPA team
Chris, Rosey, Paul, Raymond, Richard and Aimee

Image by the very talented Lukandwa Dominic.