A Taste of Africa – Really Tasty Rolex, a traditional Ugandan dish.

Ugandan cuisine has a variety of influences including Arabian, Asian and Indian. Many different tribes in Uganda have their own unique flavours and dishes. Meals in Uganda often consist of starchy foods and ingredients such as beans, rice, matoke, posho and groundnuts. For those with a sweet tooth there is a huge variety of fresh fruit in Uganda such as jack fruit, bananas, mangoes, pineapples and avocados due to the favourable soil conditions.

Recipe 1 – Really Tasty Rolex

Our lovely friend Laura shared one of her favourite local foods with us – Rolex. Rolex is a traditional Ugandan dish, it’s a thin omelette with vegetables rolled inside a chapati. It’s typically found at most street vendors in Uganda and is made fresh to order.

To make it authentic you can roll in newspaper or put in a small clear plastic bag!

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